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1. TACOS DE PAPA                    $5.50

Tacos made with mashed potatoes and cheese.

4. TACOS LOS CHAVITOS         $5.50

Tacos made with beans, chicharrón and cheese.

7. QUESO CON RAJAS              $8.80

Melted cheese with rajas.

10. TOSTADA DE CARNE           $3.75

Toasted tortilla with ground beef.

2. QUESADILLAS DE MAÍZ        $5.50

Melted cheese in a corn tortilla.

5. LENTEJAS                             $2.50

Lentil soup.

8. CONSOME                             $4.50

Broth of chicken, beef or pozole.

3. SOPA DE FIDEOS                   $2.50

Mexican noodles.

6. FRIJOLES CHARROS             $4.50

Traditional mexican beans cooked with chorizo, bacon, ham, winnies and chile.

9. TOSTADA DE FRIJOLES        $2.75

Toasted tortilla with beans.


Toasted tortilla with guacamole.

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